What is a Workers Compensation Scheduled Loss Of Use Settlement?

A scheduled Loss of Use Settlement also known as an SLU, is a type of Workers’ Compensation settlement that grants payment to an injured worker with residual permanent physical or functional impairments which are classified under scheduled or non-scheduled. Impairments to extremities, vision, hearing loss or facial disfigurement qualify under Schedule Loss of Use Awards.  An injured worker is eligible for Workers’ Compensation under the scheduled loss of use if they sustained injuries to their hands, fingers, arms, shoulders, knees, legs, feet or toes. An injured worker may apply for a schedule loss of use settlement if they have reached maximum medical improvement from their work accident.  To find out whether you or your loved one qualify for compensation for your work accident, contact Beck Law to speak with an experienced Queens Workers’ Compensation attorney.

How Do I Qualify For A Schedule Loss of Use?

To qualify for an SLU award, an injured worker must reach maximum medical improvement or MMI.  Whether an injured worker has reached maximum medical improvement is determined by a medical physician.  In their report, your physician must indicate the permanent percentage of loss you have sustained as a result of the work injury.  This is also known as a permanency.   Once your physician has submitted their permanency report, the Workers’ Compensation insurance carrier has the right to have you examined by their physician to comment on your permanency. This is known as an Independent Medical Examination (IME).  Your percentage of loss of use will determine the award the injured worker is entitled to.

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NYS Workers’ Compensation Settlement Chart – How Much Is My Schedule Use Award?

In order to properly assess your scheduled loss of use award, the following number of weeks are used:

  • Loss of use for Arm: 312 weeks
  • Loss of use for Leg: 288 weeks
  • Loss of use for Hand: 244 weeks
  • Loss of use for Foot: 205 weeks
  • Loss of use for the Index finger: 46 weeks
  • Loss of use for Big toe: 38 weeks
  • Loss of use for Eye: 160 weeks
  • Loss of use for Middle finger: 30 weeks
  • Loss of use for Other toes: 16 weeks
  • Loss of use for Pinky finger: 15 weeks
  • Loss of use for the Ring finger: 25 weeks
  • Loss of use for Thumb: 75 weeks

The amount of weeks is calculated with the injured workers average weekly wage.  To ensure that you are receiving maximum recovery for your work injury, contact BECK LAW today to speak with our experienced work place accident attorneys.